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Are you finding it increasingly difficult to focus? That’s because humanity has never had the amount of constant flow of information that we have today. There’s social media, entertainment, ads, opportunities, threats and other information flowing through your brain every day.

Most of that information is non-critical, because of that we must learn how to filter it out and better our ability to focus at the important task at hand. Learning this skill will improve your happiness and your competitive advantages.

  1. De-clutter your brain
  2. Eat healthy and drink water
  3. Breathing exercise
  4. Circadian rhythms
  5. Exercise

1. De-clutter your brain

Whether you know it or not, you brain is constantly analyzing different opportunities and threats in your life. Surely you know it, you have a nagging feeling that you really should fix something, but you push it further away.

One way of de-cluttering your brain is to have a worry session. Take a notebook and a pen, then spend 30 minutes non-disturbed and write everything that you can that worries or bothers you. Write it like a bullet point so you can easily see what has been written. Then figure out what be biggest worries are and think about how you can solve them. You can read more about worry sessions in my article How I outsmarted anxiety in 5 steps.

2. Eat healthy and drink water

It’s easy to think that you’re completely in control of your thinking, a pizza and forgetting to drink enough water in a day surely can’t have a big impact? You’d be surprised to know that not enough water can cause you depression, irritability, brain fatigue/fog, and problems with focus and attention.

Having a proper diet is just as important as drinking water. Your body needs a big variety of nutrients. Fish oils, resveratrol, phosphatidylserine, and Acetyl-L-Carnitine is just to name a few. A blog entry is coming to help you more in depth in keeping track of what to eat, stay tuned!

3. Breathing exercises

If you regulate your breathing, you will become more focused and present in the moment. This will in turn lower your anxiety and stress. One type of breathing exercise is to close your eyes and inhale deep and exhale while exposing your stomach.

If you are interested in breathing exercises there is a great article about this on Healthline called “10 Breathing Techniques”. Check it out here https://www.healthline.com/health/breathing-exercise

4. Circadian rhythms

Circadian rhythms is the body’s internal clock for when to wake up and go to sleep. If you’re going to bed and waking up at irregular times the clock can be disturbed, which can cause serious problems. One of those consequences are low quality sleep.

One of the consequences of low quality sleep, or lack of sleep is memory issues, and trouble thinking and concentration. This will negatively impact your creativity and problem solving skills, and focus.

5. Exercise

You don’t need to exercise like The Rock to have benefits of exercise, I’d advice starting with taking short walks every day and go from there. Lack of exercise can lead to depression, stress, and confidence issues.

These three factors will disrupt your thinking pattern, and will try to sneak into your thoughts while you are trying to focus.

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To focus better you need to work on your sleep, exercise, breathing, eating, drinking water and using mental techniques to keep your brain free from worry.

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