Do your mindset give you bad luck?

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Life isn’t always how you want it to be, you lose your job, a partner, a friend. This can make you lost in a world where everybody seems to have fun and be confident. We have all been there, it’s hard to change circumstances that you do not control. But are you completely powerless? Let’s take inspiration from the ancient Stoics and learn how to take control again.

Identify your negative thought patterns

When something bad happens in our life we get negative, it’s only natural. The problem is that this shift in mindset controls everything in your life. Our mindset controls our thoughts, and our thoughts control our actions, and our actions control our life.

You can identify these thought patterns by how they give you a negative perspective on life. For instance, you walk past someone and you think that they probably think you are ugly. Or you take a test and you’ll assume you’ll fail. Or you’ll never find a partner.

Correct your mindset

Once you have identified your negative thoughts you need to correct them to something positive and empowering. Let’s take our previous examples, you don’t assume that people think you are ugly. You find something with yourself that you are proud of and you imagine they think the same.

Assume that everyone already likes you until proven otherwise, and I don’t mean someone looked at you the wrong way. I mean that someone tells you flat out that they don’t like you. By living this way you become immensely powerful because you take control over your self-worth and it will reflect in every aspect of your life.

Practice your new way of living

Alright, this sounds great but how am I suppose to just shift my mindset after reading a blog post? The simple answer is that you don’t, when it comes to mental health it is a continuous journey that you will need to stir in the right direction. Like a boat in a storm.

Start with noticing when these negative thoughts appear and then try to correct them, even if you don’t believe in them at first. Eventually, you will see your self-worth and live a more free life.

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