Mastering Time Management: The Pomodoro Technique

In today's world, productivity is vital; we're expected to keep track of many goals and expectations.

May 2023

The Ultimate Life Hack: How to Build a Second Brain and Supercharge Your Productivity!

Transform your life by extending your mind digitally! With the power of setting up your second brain you can more easily access information that is important to you, as well and capturing information in day-to-day life.

May 2023

Unlocking Your Potential: A Strategic Approach

Tired of floating into passiveness and not knowing where you're heading in life? Well in this article I'm going to talk about writing a manifesto, SWOT analysis, SMART goals, and integrating the OODA loop.

April 2023

Solve any given problem with the six thinking hats

The Six Thinking Hats is a problem-solving and decision-making technique developed in 1985.

March 2023

How to start a self improvement journey

You're taking a walk, disappointed in where you are in life and you wonder if you're the best you can be.

August 2021