How to stand up for yourself without being a jerk

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In life you will often be faced with different challenges, the social life is no different. In-evidently you will meet people that are rude or passive-aggressive. In this article, we’re going to go through how you should deal with those situations.

  1. Don’t take things personally
  2. Give the benefit of the doubt
  3. Call it out
  4. Hold eye contact

1. Don’t take things personal

Back in the day, I would associate what people said or did as a form of truth. If they said something demeaning I would just assume that they’re right and I should do better. I was framing my life based on what other people thought of me. Now I’m older, and I can tell you this is far from correct.

People are emotional creatures, they’re stressed, have problems, and have their own worldview. What they say is nothing more than an interpretation mixed together with feelings such as envy, hate, and, sadness. Learn to recognize your own personal value and set boundaries. Nobody has the power to define you.

2. Give the benefit of the doubt

We usually see people as fully logical and caring, that’s the standard. When they act wrong to us, we usually assume that they want to harm us. However, people are nervous, especially with new individuals. Things can come out wrong, they might not know it was rude, they’re not on the same emotional level.

Give them a chance to explain themselves, or just ignore it and feel what the vibe is.

3. Call it out

You’ve given the benefit of the doubt and they persist with being rude, now is the time to call it out. Ask them why they’re being rude or what they meant with what they said. Often they’re not used to someone being so direct and will get nervous and apologize.

4. Hold eye contact

Eyes are the window to the soul, if someone is passive-aggressive or mean then look at them in the eyes. Looking away can make you look submissive or hurt. Instead, look them hold eye contact. This shows that you’re not afraid to take this battle and you’re prepared to meet them in this conflict.

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Give the benefit of the doubt, don’t take it personal – people act in a certain way sometimes that is not actually based on you as a person. If the problem becomes a pattern call them about, ask why they’re acting that way and stand up for yourself.

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