The Ultimate Life Hack: How to Build a Second Brain and Supercharge Your Productivity!

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Transform your life by extending your mind digitally! With the power of setting up your second brain you can more easily access information that is important to you, as well and capturing information in day-to-day life.

So what is a second brain? Well it’s a note taking system on steroids. What do you usually do when you have an idea? Write it in some notes app? A piece of paper? A book? All of it? Or worse just let it slip out to the ether? The idea of a second brain is simple but powerful and I’m going to show you how to utilize it in this blog.

The first thing you need is a note taking software, I’m going to recommend Notion because of how customizable it is. Then in Notion you setup a page called e.g “Life Management System”. In there you create a table called “Inbox”. The inbox is where all of your ideas go. Create four columns in this table called “Note”, “Status”, “Tags”, and “Source”. Now create three tags on “Status” called “Fleet”, “In progress”, and “done”. The “Tags” is for what the ideas is about, so for example “Health”, “Workout”, “Social”, “Business” et cetera. Mine looks like this:

When you see something interesting or come up with an idea you add it to your “inbox” table and set the “Status” as “Fleet” which means it’s just an idea so far that you wish to elaborate further. Then set the “Tags” as to what the note is about. You can also apply a “Source” as to where the idea came from.

Now you have a good system for capturing new information in your life, but you also need to process it. So now you go through your inbox once every week to process these new ideas and information and write about it, e.g like a blog post. When you’re done you set the “Status” as “Done” and it will remove itself from the inbox but the information will remain in Notion, and it’s now tagged so you can easily find it when you look for it. E.g you want to remember what you know about economy so you see all of the posts that are related to economy.

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